3 Tips for Better Resume Content

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Recently I was asked to participate in a web video series with a startup in New York called SkilledUp. There are a lot of online course platforms these days, but what I like about SkilledUp is that they offer easy learning opportunities in a lot of the creative and business-focused areas that the folks I work with are often transitioning into.

To name a few: Business & Management, Marketing, Project Management, Software Development, Graphic Design, Healthcare & Sciences, Accounting & Finance, Writing, and Web & Mobile Design.

The video we shot focused on ways to stand out in today’s competitive and digitally-driven job market – looking beyond the tried and true (and often tired) resume advice that’s already out there, and thinking technically and creatively about how you brand yourself on the page.

And no, I was not asked to plug this – I just like to share a good resource when I see one!

You can view the video below, or on the web here.  But here are 3 key takeaways:

1) Think About Information Design

A good resume is both design and content driven. But flashy design will never replace mediocre or bad content. Avoid unnecessary graphics, and think about the natural progression of your reader’s eye down the page as your laying out your information.

2) Be Smart About Structure

Create your resume with readability in mind, and structure in a way that breaks it up into digestible pieces. Combine bullets and paragraphs to optimize readability – an opening summary paragraph with a few supporting bullets around your tasks and accomplishments works well.

3) Say It.

Position yourself from the beginning of the document, by creating a strong branding message in your opening summary and (if applicable) skills section, and then carry that message out through the rest of the document. Don’t leave your reader to connect the dots.

To watch the full video, click here!

For more tips, and some great online learning resources in creative, business, technology, and general education, check out SkilledUp.

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